29 2018
S'More Adventure RaceSprint Adventure Race
YMCA Camp Shady Brook Deckers CO
The second annual S'more Adventure Race will be held on September 29th, 2018 at Camp Shady Brook, near Deckers, CO! Each team of 4 will race in a variety of endurance disciplines, including orienteering/navigation, cross-country running/hiking, mountain biking, paddling and other challenges! Runners can look forward to a vendor area with interactive booths and a food truck fest. Be prepared for an amazing day!

Teams: Each team will consist of four athletes. Team categories: male, female, coed and corporate.

Limited Space: Space is limited to the first 50 teams.

Awards: Awards will be given to the top three teams in each division.

Swag: Details coming soon.

Lodging: Come stay at Camp Shady Brook the night before for $50 per person. Includes dinner and breakfast.

Follow on FaceBook
(303) 647-2313

29 2018
Great Kaw Adventure RaceSprint Adventure Race
9th and Main Eudora KS
The Great Kaw Adventure Race is an orienteering based, cognitive, and physical challenge event. Challenges could be trivia about Eudora's German and Indian heritage, complex equations, gunny sack races, or a simple puzzle. Participants will be required to navigate to waypoints and challenges to retrieve important artifacts. To acquire these artifacts, an action will have to be performed. Participants will be limited to right of way and public properties unless otherwise stated. If we catch you running through lawns (and our residents will) you will be penalized.

Each two person team will be issued a map with the waypoints marked. It is up to the team to decide what is the best way to complete the course. No cue sheets will be issued. No markings will be placed in town. The course will be open to traffic and citizens. Participants will be required to be within two seconds of each other regardless of transit. If you're running you should be able to touch, you will both be in the same boat, and if your cycling you should be able to draft. This is a team event so choose your exit buddy well. All finishers will receive an award for finishing (more to come soon!)

The 30 miler will require participants to run, paddle 11.4 miles, and cycle gravel roads back to the finish line. Depending on strategy, participants could travel between 24 to 30 miles. This class will require a running, river travel, and cycling unless conditions prevent are unsafe. All finishers will receive an award, with top prizes going to first, second, and third place teams.

The 5 miler will require participants to run or walk through and around Eudora to find waypoints. Depending on strategy, participants could travel between 4 to 8 miles. All finishers will receive an award. This course will focus heavily on orienteering and exploring the community. Follow on FaceBook
(785) 218-8452

06 2018
Wildlands Adventure ChallengeSprint Adventure Race
Great Pond Mountain Wildlands Orland ME
The Wildlands Adventure Challenge will take place for the first time on Saturday, October 6, 2018.

A beginners' race will give those new to adventure racing a fun yet gentle introduction to the sport. The beginners' race will last between one and three hours and will include hiking and canoeing in provided boats.

For those seeking a bigger challenge, the 8-hour race will including hiking, canoeing, and mountain biking.

The race is hosted by the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust and all proceeds from the race will benefit the trust. The course will be designed by the members of Strong Machine Adventure Racing, a nationally ranked adventure race team based in Portland, Maine and the organizers of the Maine Summer Adventure Race. Follow on FaceBook
(207) 650-8698

06 2018
Regional Qualifier
Coosa River Challenge XVISprint Adventure Race
Coosa River Adventures Wetumpka ALBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
3-6 hours of mountain biking, trail running, river paddling with lots of special tests throughout. The format is 2-person teams male/female/co-ed or individual and the course is friendly enough to be finished by the novice racer, while challenging enough for the veteran adventure racer. We expect the top teams to finish in about 4 hours with the majority of racers to have finished in 6 hours. The route incorporates the last of the whitewater of Alabama’s major river systems and finishes in historic downtown Wetumpka. Follow on FaceBook
(334) 567-7798

13 2018
Regional Qualifier
Central Indiana Adventure RaceAdventure Race
Lieber State Recreation Area Cloverdale INBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
Central Indiana Adventure Race is a 12-hour AR designed to keep all teams going the entire 12 hours. Like the prestigous MISSION AR, CIA rewards creative thinking and navigation in addition to physical ability. Follow on FaceBook
(317) 336-7553

13 2018
CIA Lite Beginner ARSprint Adventure Race
Lieber State Recreation Area Cloverdale IN
CIA Lite is a 4-hour Beginner friendly race within the bigger Central Indiana Adventure (12-hour) race. It offers simpler gear requirements, easier navigation, and more help to allow new teams to succeed at their first AR. Follow on FaceBook
(317) 336-7553

20 2018
6HR La Pine LoopSprint Adventure Race
La Pine State Park La Pine OR
Come explore flowing single track, meandering rivers, and high desert forest as you race to collect all the checkpoints in gorgeous Central Oregon.

With minimal elevation gain/loss and easier navigation, this race is our best race for novice racers, but never fear seasoned racers, there is certainly a "PRO" course for extra challenge.

- 15+ miles mountain biking
- 5+ miles trail running/trekking
- 3+ miles class I paddling (packraft or inflatable boat required)
- an orienteering course
- possibly a rope challenge Follow on FaceBook
(415) 656-9764

21 2018
50 West Adventure RaceSprint Adventure Race
50 West Brewing Company Cincinnati OH
In the spirit of adventure, please join us on October 21, 2018 for our exciting inaugural 50W ADVENTURE CHALLENGE. This race will challenge all participants in three disciplines of fitness and end with a finish fitting for our Brewery and family companies.

The race will consist of a 4.5 mile run, a 5 mile canoe on the scenic Little Miami River followed by a 25 mile bike ride on the Little miami bike trail finishing at 50W Brewing Co for a cool-down and post race ceremony/refueling party!

Participants will have the opportunity to compete in categories consisting of; single male, single female, and coed teams. Follow on FaceBook
(513) 834-8789

21 2018
The Edge Adventure RaceSprint Adventure Race
Green Lane Park (tentative as of 3/4/18) Green Lane PA
The Edge Adventure Race is a great race for those new to the sport of adventure racing, as well as for those seasoned athletes looking for a challenge. We'll give you either 3 or 6 hours to complete the fun filled course on foot, boat and mountain bike!

Adventure racing is a fun sport that will have you running, paddling, biking, and thinking (yes your brain and team work are a must!). If you're tired of the "same old - same old" and want to add some creative sport to your life - then this one is for you!

Get ready to grab a friend or two, and come on out for a day of outdoor adventure and team work. Want to try the race alone? No problem - we offer a solo division as well.

How it works: On the morning of the event participants will be given a race map with the checkpoints pre-plotted on the maps. A fun opening activity will determine if your team will travel on foot, boat, or mountain bike first. You must visit every checkpoint together as a team, and you have either 3 or 6 hours to get to as many of these points as possible. The most points collected, and fastest time determines the winner.

The paddling will be in either canoes for teams or single person kayaks for solo racers. You must bring your own mountain bike, and the trails are a combination of paved, dirt roads, and single track. The foot navigation section will have you running both on the trail and into the woods!

The morning of the race we will also offer a pre-race mini adventure race training session, for those new to the sport. So don't be shy, come on out and try something new! If you've raced with us before, come on back -- no two adventure race courses are the same!!

Grab some friends and come on out for a great, fun challenge! Follow on FaceBook
(610) 466-7015

28 2018
Douthat StrongSprint Adventure Race
Douthat State Park Roanoke VA
The Douthat Strong 8-hour adventure race is designed for a a full day of racing in one of Virginia’s first and finest state parks! Douthat Strong will have you paddling on the 50-acre lake, mountain biking on trails considered among the best mountain biking on the East Coast with its classic mix of rocky and fast singletrack, and trekking through some of Virginia’s best backcountry, with almost every trail leading to an amazing vista. Follow on FaceBook

28 2018
Douthat TenderfootSprint Adventure Race
Douthat State Park Roanoke VA
The Douthat State Park Tenderfoot adventure race is designed for a beginner--a Tenderfoot--and will be simple enough to learn and enjoy, but challenging enough to be considered an adventure race. This adventure race at Douthat will have you paddling on the 50-acre lake, mountain biking on trails considered among the best mountain biking on the East Coast with its classic mix of rocky and fast singletrack, and trekking through some of Virginia’s best backcountry, with almost every trail leading to an amazing vista. Follow on FaceBook
(703) 266-9995

03 2018
MAFFSprint Adventure Race
Milwaukee and Surrounding Area Delafield WI
8 hour sprint adventure race with biking, trail running, paddling, multiple types of orienteering.
Course starts in or around Lapham Peak State Park and covers approximately 40-50 miles if all CPs are pursued (avoids all major highways, interstates).

Register at our website:

MAFF is the last race of the Wisconsin Adventure Racing Series: Follow on FaceBook
(414) 331-4791

03 2018
Regional Qualifier
Race the Ridge 6 hour and 24 hour courses Adventure Race
Blue Ridge School St. George VA Charlottesville VA VABonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
Join us for the 2nd edition of the Race the Ridge Adventure Race at the Blue Ridge School! The 6-hour Rush and the 24-hour Rampage races will be beautiful, challenging and fun. Teams will trek, mountain bike, navigate, and for the 24 hour course paddle through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the shadow of the Shenandoah National Park. Known for it’s beautiful countryside, farmland, gravel roads, wineries, and vistas, the area in and around the Blue Ridge School attracts visitors from all over who want to get away from the big city and enjoy the mountains, wineries, and fresh air. This is our backyard and training ground. We know the area well and love to show it off! The woods will be popping with color as Fall—the most beautiful season of the year in central Virginia—arrives in the Shenandoah. Early registration is NOW OPEN at Follow on FaceBook

10 2018
PangorgeSprint Adventure Race
Prentice Cooper State Forest Chattanooga TN
This is an adventure race through the Tennessee River Gorge. Racers are given a map of the area with a set of checkpoints, corresponding to time bonuses. Three major checkpoints guarantee that all racers will mountain bike, paddle, and trail run at some point. The total mandatory length is around twelve miles and can be completed in three hours. All racers will be required to finish by sundown. Follow on FaceBook
(423) 667-3438

01 2018
Regional Qualifier
The Jersey InfernoAdventure Race
Ringwood State Park Ringwood NJBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier Follow on FaceBook

08 2018
Regional Qualifier
Raid the Rock Adventure RaceAdventure Race
TBA Little Rock ARBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier

This year Raid the Rock will host 2 adventure race courses: an 8 hour intermediate course, and a 24 hour advanced course. Both courses will require advanced navigation.

The 2018 Raid the Rock long course will be a 24 hour adventure race that covers approximately 80 miles of wilderness terrain mountain biking, trekking/running, canoeing and rope elements. Teams or solo racers will navigate the entire course with a map and compass.

The 2018 Raid the Rock Traditional/Intermediate course will be an 8 hour adventure race that covers approximately 40 miles of wilderness terrain mountain biking, trekking/running, canoeing and rope elements. Teams or solo racers will navigate the entire course with a map and compass.

for more information, please visit our website: Follow on FaceBook
(501) 993-1993

29 2018
Regional Qualifier
Conquer the KarstsAdventure Race
Steinhatchee Falls Tract, intersection of HWY 51 and SR 19. Steinhatchee FLBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
This race will feature the many Karsts and Old Limestone Quarries featured in Tayler, Dixie, and Lafayette Counties, as well as, some of the trails the Keeping Our Public Lands Open have created and maintained. The Races will start and finish at the trail head parking area on Hwy 51 NE, about 1/2 k SW of Tennile, or the inter section of Hwy 51 NE and SR 19, SR 98, alt 26.

The 4 Hour Race should plan on each segment taking about 1 hour, with the winning time at about 3 hours. In the 24 Hour Race, teams should plan on spending about 1/3 of the time on each discipline, with the winning time being about 21 hours.

In the 24 Hour Race, teams should plan on some on course UTM plotting. Each person will be allowed to 1 five(5) gallon bucket, with a lid, to put gear in. Teams might want to change after the one of the boat segments.

All teams in the 24 hour race should plan on having their paddle gear and bikes transported multiple time during the event.

Both races should plan on getting their feet wet. There will be at least 1 river/creek crossing (shin to knee deep) for the 4 hour race, and possibly multiple for the 24 hour race. Both races should plan on some hike a bike sections, specifically where Keeping Our Public Lands Open is trying to rehab and establish some old and new trails. Teams will get to see some really neat Karsts, one of my favorite that I call, “No Escape Lagoon”; don’t get too close to that one!

The 24 hour race will be doing some on course UTM plotting. There will be a river crossing that you will need to use a boat tied to both shore lines, and with your bike, oh, and at night, fun. I highly suggest bringing an extra pair of running shoes and dry socks.

S.P.A.R. would like to thank our sponsors for this event:
Steinhatchee River Chamber of Commerce

Coed (Teams of 2-4)
Open (Teams of 2-4)
Solo Follow on FaceBook
(386) 243-0334

19 2019
Regional Qualifier
The Cauldron 36 HourExpedition Adventure Race
Suwannee Ranch 505 Live Oak FLBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
The 36 Hour Cauldron Race returns to the Suwannee Ranch 505. This year's Cauldron has been designed to showcase the beauty and epic wilderness along the banks of the Suwannee River. With a strong focus on remoteness, self-sufficiency, and strategic decision making, the Cauldron aims to bring the flavor of an expedition into a weekend race. Winners of the 3-4 person coed division will receive the full $900 team entry to the USARA Nationals in 2019.

The Cauldron will send racers through numerous distinct biological communities on foot, bike, and canoe. Significant sections of the race are on rarely used remote parcels yet to be seen in a public event. Racers can expect to traverse numerous limestone outcroppings, floodplain forest, floodplain swamp, river bluffs and alluvial streams. Racers will be visiting natural springs and sinks and may see Kingfisher, Rough-winged Swallow, jumping sturgeon and Dougherty Plain Cave Crayfish. Follow on FaceBook
(904) 477-5067

20 2019
The Cauldron 8 HourSprint Adventure Race
Suwannee Ranch 505 Live Oak FL
The 8 Hour Cauldron Race starts on Sunday, January 20th and is perfect for sport or family teams looking to have some fun discovering the outdoors with adventure racing. Easy to read and simple navigation will take you to some hidden spots around Suwannee River. Distances are always based on your teams' abilities and speed in adventure racing, however between 20-30 miles of mountain biking, 5-8 miles of trekking with 4-8 miles of canoeing. Follow on FaceBook
(904) 477-5067

27 2019
Regional Qualifier
C2CExpedition Adventure Race
Steinhatchee Steinhatchee FLBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
The Premier 72 hour race in the Southeast US.
Race from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast Follow on FaceBook
(386) 243-0334

28 2019
Regional Qualifier
Sea to SeaExpedition Adventure Race
Downtown St. Augustine St. Augustine FLBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
The 19th Annual Sea to Sea Race is a non-stop expedition race where teams will load buses in St. Augustine, Florida and then be dropped off somewhere on the West Coast of Florida, only to return to St. Augustine by way of trekking, paddling and biking on their own power. Teams will be provided with a set of maps and instructions they will use to navigate to a series of Check Points or Flags on their way across Florida.
This year's route will feature the best mountain biking single track trails through Santos. The best paddling in the spring-fed Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers. The best trekking on the Florida Trail through the Ocala National Forest and the beautiful East Coast State Parks. There are many other great spots very few people get to see, however you will. Follow on FaceBook
(904) 477-5067

02 2019
Regional Qualifier
The Frigid InflictionSprint Adventure Race
Bolton Valley Richmond VTBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
The Frigid Infliction is a winter adventure race, sending fearless adventurers skiing and snowshoeing through the deep stuff since 2006.

The next race is scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd 2019 near Bolton Valley, VT. Expect a 10-hour challenge for teams of 2-3 racers. The race will feature several winter disciplines as well as requiring you to continually navigate. If you have never done an adventure race before, this can be a great choice. This was the first adventure race for about a third of the participants the past six years, so don’t be intimidated! That said: You may want to Test Your Nettle if you’re not sure about a 10-hour event.

Teams do not need support crews for this event. Outside of what is provided by the race organizers, teams must be self-sufficient. This is an adventure, after all! Follow on FaceBook
(802) 558-5755

23 2019
Regional Qualifier
"Physically Strong" Adventure Race (12 & 6 Hour Race)Adventure Race
Camp Eastman; 750 E County Road 1780; Nauvoo, IL Quincy ILBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
The 9th Annual Physically Strong Adventure Race is a 12 Hour race that derives its name from the Scout Oath in which members pledge to be “Physically Strong”. The race will include canoeing, mountain biking, orienteering, climbing wall, a 380-ft zip line, and special scout skill challenges!

For those looking for a shorter course, we will offer a 6 Hour race that includes all of the above challenges. The proceeds from this event benefit the local Boy Scouts of America.

Register online by 3/1 and save $10/person off the regular price! Follow on FaceBook
(217) 224-0204

27 2019
Regional Qualifier
Earth Day Adventure RaceAdventure Race
TBD FLBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
18 hour race through on of the most unique places in Florida. Follow on FaceBook
(386) 451-1132

04 2019
Regional Qualifier
Chasin' the BoneSprint Adventure Race
Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest Greenbush, WI WIBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
Chasin The Bone Adventure Race offers 9 and 4 hour course options in the Northern Kettle Moraine Forest on the first Saturday in May. Canoe, Navigation on Orienteering Map, and Single Track Mountain Biking. Post race meal and cash prizes.
Featuring the Famous Badger Orienteering Cat Maps of Greenbush
Open to Solo, 2-, 3-, or 4-Person Open or Coed Teams
CASH PRIZES in the 8 Hour Elite Race Division
Race #2 in the 1st Basis Wisconsin Adventure Racing Series Follow on FaceBook
(414) 931-4550

08 2019
Regional Qualifier
No Sleep Adventure-12 Hour RaceAdventure Race
New Harmony, Indiana New Harmony INBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
Join us for an epic journey through the dense woods, stream valleys, and rolling hills of southwestern Indiana. This year we're offering a 12-hour race designed to challenge novice & experienced racers alike. The race is open to 2, 3, & 4-person coed and open division teams. Soloists will be allowed in this years 12 hour race as well! The No Sleep Adventure is fully sanctioned by the United States Adventure Racing Association, and the 12-hour race is a regional qualifier for the 2019 USARA National Championship. Racers will take in spectacular views in an all-new section of Indianas' remote and rugged Wabash River Valley. Teams will trek, mountain bike, paddle and complete ropes challenges along the way. Entry fee includes great race swag, post-race meals, maps, canoe rental, professional race management and unique awards. Follow on FaceBook
(812) 719-5074

22 2019
Regional Qualifier
Massanutten MassacreAdventure Race
Massanutten, VA Shenandoah VABonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
26 hours of AR heaven, separated by Treks in the woods, swift Paddles down a beautiful river, a few surprises along the way and incredible views as you Bike all around and up and over the Massanutten Mountains including a couple sweet Single track sections along the way. Daytime and Nighttime Orienteering throughout.

Your race entry also includes FREE Canoe Rental, FREE overnight camping spots before &/or after the race and a FREE post-race massage for all. The 26-hr MM race is a USARA Regional Qualifier for $$ and points and as always will feature Cash Prizes or Free Race Entry for top finisher Team(s), lots of SWAG raffle prizes. Complete the race to a hot home-made real food meal prepared and waiting for you right at the Finish by our chefs. Where can you get this much racing, food, massages, prizes and more for only $275 bucks?

If you enjoy a Navigation-heavy AR race, this is the race for you. If you wanted to do the Shenandoah Tough, but couldn't commit to 3 whole days, this race is for you. If you plan one big AR race in 2019, you don't want to miss this one. 

Estimated Distances: 26 Hours – Going to every CP


$112.50 a person (SBB Racing Christmas Gift good thru Dec 31st, 2018)
$275 a person after May 1st, 2019


Mountain Biking/Sgl Track & Trail Riding
Orienteering Navigation (Day/Night)
Trekking and more... Follow on FaceBook
(757) 289-6624

29 2019
Regional Qualifier
Stubborn Mule Adventure Race (30-Hour)Adventure Race
TBA Cable WIBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
*****USARA Regional Qualifier******

Join 180 Adventure in an all new location for one of the midwest's top adventure races! Enjoy epic mountain biking on the CAMBA trail system which boasts over 300 miles of routes through a wilderness area of striking beauty and peaceful solitude. Test your navigation skills with challenging topography that is U.S Orienteering Championship quality. And finally, savor nationally renowned quiet water paddling that won’t disappoint the most discerning paddling enthusiasts on your team. With 5-, 12-, and 30-hour events, we have something for everyone.


Flat Water Paddling
Mountain Biking
Road Biking
Land Navigation


Coed Elite (3 or 4 person coed team)
Open Elite (3 or 4 person same gender team)
2 Person Coed
2 Person Open (same gender)
Solo Male
Solo Female

30-hr Distances (subject to change):

Bike: 65-85 miles
Trek/Orienteering/Land Navigation: 18-25 miles
Paddle: 16-25 miles

More Details:

Limited gear list
Canoes provided

Entry Fees a.k.a What you get:

Race fees include land use fees, maps, canoes, paddles and pfds, post-race food and drink, prizes, give-a-ways, and.... a weekend of racing on a brand new course! Follow on FaceBook
(608) 234-0625

03 2019
Regional Qualifier
Delmarva Traverse 12 Hour Adventure RaceAdventure Race
Sussex County TBA DEBonus Points: 5
USARA National Championship Qualifier
Our 12 hour course will once again be a USARA Regional Qualifier, and will feature 12 hours/60+ miles of the best paddling, biking, and trekking that Sussex County, Delaware has to offer! More info coming soon. Follow on FaceBook
(302) 228-9885

03 2019
Delmarva Traverse 3 Hour Adventure RaceSprint Adventure Race
Sussex County TBA DE
Are you a triathlete or runner, obstacle racer, or crossfitter, and looking for your perfect first adventure race? Our 3 hour course is designed to be the perfect first-time adventure race for someone who has never raced in one before, but wants to try the sport out. You can do it!
No specialized navigation experience is required. At the race start you will receive high quality pre-plotted maps and instructions. If you are capable of navigating yourself from point A to point B on a map, you can do this! Required gear is at a minimum for these courses, to make
it easy to do for our first time racers! We provide all paddling equipment. Follow on FaceBook
(302) 228-9885

27 2019
USARA Adventure Race National ChampionshipAdventure Race
Boone NC
The USARA Adventure Race National Championship is the "Heart & Soul" of Adventure Racing in the United States. Teams of 3 compete in USARA regional qualifying events across the U.S. for a chance to battle it out for the title of USARA Adventure Race National Champion.

Teams are required to navigate a series of checkpoints using only a map and compass to guide them while transitioning between several disciplines such as: Trail Running/Trekking, Mountain Biking, Paddling and Orienteering.

These teams will have to push the boundaries of human endurance and teamwork just to finish. Winning will require extreme willpower, mastery of all disciplines, and a little luck.

Teams must acquire as many CPs as possible during the 30 hour time limit, teams may stop at any time during the 30 hours. Coed, Coed Masters, Male, Female & Collegiate divisions available. Follow on FaceBook
(979) 703-5018