Boards & Committees

The USARA has created several boards to address the needs and concerns of race directors, event producers and adventure racers. Please contact the appropriate board with questions, concerns and suggestions.

USARA Race Director Board

Troy Farrar
Tim Buccholz
Brent Freedland
Stephanie Ross
Brian Holzhausen
Katie Ferrington
 Jeff Bell

USARA Racer Advisory Board

The USARA has created a Racer Advisory Board consisting of racer representatives. The racer representatives are a direct pipeline for racers to voice their concerns and suggestions.

Shane Hagerman
Susan Alderman
Emily Korsch
Tim Buchholz
Brent Freedland

USARA Safety Compliance Commitee

The USARA has created a compliance commitee for racers to report unsafe practices, as well as promoters who are not following the minimum safety standards. The USARA would also like to encourage racers to report events which are practicing exceptional safety standards.

Tracyn Thayer (chair)
Bill Gibbons