About Us

USARA Mission Statement

The mission of the USARA is to guide and assist race directors and committees in conducting fun, safe, and fair events. To provide for the health, welfare, and safety of participants, spectators, officials and volunteers. To aid in the continued positive growth of the sport of adventure racing.
Racer Support
  • Provide accidental medical coverage for all event participants.
  • Developed the USARA Minimum Safety standards to provide for the racers safety.
  • Developed the USARA Calendar as a comprehensive guide to all USARA Sanctioned Adventure Races in the United States.
  • The USARA Adventure Racing Club network to assist racers in finding training partners and teammates.
  • The USARA Executive Board consists of experienced racers and race directors who vote on all major decisions concerning programs and changes within the USARA.
  • The USARA Racer Advisory Board consists of USARA racer representatives. The racer representatives are a direct pipeline for other racers to voice their concerns and suggestions to the USARA.

Event Management
  • Provide comprehensive general liability event insurance for race directors.
  • Provide accidental medical coverage for all event participants.
  • Developed the USARA Minimum Safety standards to provide for the racers safety and to guide event directors in producing safe & well organized events.
  • Provide free USARA event consultations for race directors. This free guidance is primarily directed at new race directors to aid them in conducting safe & well organized events.
  • Developed the USARA Event Planning Guidelines to give event promoters a basic guideline for the organization and direction of an adventure race. Includes event logistics, entry form development, sample pre race speech and sample race rules.
  • Developed the USARA Successful Navigation Checkpoints guideline as an instruction manual for race directors to guide them through common problems which occur in the navigation sections during adventure races.
  • The USARA Safety Compliance Committee reviews complaints about dangerous situations or non-compliance with USARA minimum safety standards and develops the USARA recommended course of action.

Ecological Standards
  • Developed USARA Ecological Standards to create an integrated set of ecological standards and suggested practices that support continued conservation and management of the outdoors. To promote environmental sustainability through a cooperative effort with Federal, State and Local governments and organizations. To educate adventure racing event promoters in proper sustainable outdoor ethics and practices when designing, developing and executing adventure races.

USARA National Ranking System
  • Developed the USARA National Ranking System as a means to recognize teams’ efforts throughout the year and to rewards them for these efforts. An sdditional goal of the USARA National Ranking System is to help teams acquire sponsorship.
  • The USARA National Ranking System provides TOP TEN Certificates to the teams ranked 1-10 each month. All rankings are published on the USARA website and the top 10 monthly rankings are published in each issue of Adventure World Magazine.
  • The top 3 teams in the final national rankings are awarded at the USARA Adventure Race National Championships and the number one nationally ranked team will receive The Right Stuff Cup, a perpetual trophy along with product sponsorship from The Right Stuff.
  • State Champion Ranking Certificates are sent to the highest ranked team from each state at the end of the year.

USARA Adventure Race National Championship
USARA Adventure Race National Championship
  • Developed the USARA Regional Qualification System which consists of the premier events that will determine the top adventure racing teams in that state or region. Teams that qualify at these events are eligible to compete in the USARA Adventure Race National Championships for that year.
  • Developed the USARA Regional Champion Program which awards each winning team member of a regional qualification event with a regional champion jacket. The 1st place coed team from each regional qualifying race also receives a $400.00 sponsorship, provided by the regional qualifying race, to be applied to the teams' Nationals entry fee. This system has provided a great avenue for race directors to return support to the teams that participate in their events by helping them attend the USARA Adventure Race National Championships.
  • Produce The USARA Adventure Race National Championship which is the "Heart & Soul" of Adventure Racing in the United States. Co-ed teams of 3 earn the right to attend by competing in USARA regional qualifying events across the U.S.
  • The winning team in coed, coed masters, male & female earns the title of USARA Adventure Race National Champions. The winning coed team also receives the national champion perpetual award and a fantastic prize package that includes race gear, $3000 in race entry fee credits to be used in the following years regional qualifiers, 25% discount off the entry fee at the following years regional qualifying races and free entry into the following year's national championship to defend their title.

  • USARA Newsletter was launched to provide periodic announcements and important information updates for the adventure racing community.
  • Nationals live coverage was developed to expand the audience during the USARA Adventure Race National Championship. Friends, family and fans can follow the action from home on the blog and by viewing the video and photo libraries.

USARA Adventure Racer Code of Ethics

  1. I will practice minimum impact traveling.
  2. I will respect the land and inhabitants in which I travel.
  3. I will not litter.
  4. I will practice good sportsmanship.
  5. I will lend aid to those in need during competition.
  6. I will abide by the rules & regulations of the event.